Couvrance Compact Foundation Creams


  • Porcelain (01): ACL : 438074-9 ; EAN : 3282779052405
  • Natural (02): ACL : 438073-2 ; EAN : 3282779052399
  • Sand (03): ACL : 438075-5 ; EAN : 3282779052382
  • Honey (04): ACL : 438072-6 ; EAN : 3282779052375
  • Sun (05): ACL : 438076-1 ; EAN : 3282779052368

Corrects severe skin imperfections and evens out the tone of light skin.
Fragrance-free, preservative-free, paraben-free.

Five shades: Porcelain (01), Natural (02), Sand (03), Honey (04), and Sun (05)* to suit light skin complexions.
Long-lasting: stands up to water, smudging, and perspiration.
Anti-UV protection (SPF30) offers defense against the sun's rays.
Does not leave a thick or mask-like appearance.
Can be used on its own or in combination with color correction products.

Is it for me ?
Guarantees a perfect, even complexion for all sensitive dry skin.
Naturally hides and conceals severe imperfections thanks to high covering power.
Comfortable, creamy, silky texture suits dry to very dry skin.
The oil-free “second skin” texture with a powder finish is adapted for combination to oil-prone skin and body make-up..

The right move
Dab the sponge onto the compact.
Apply by dabbing onto the area to be corrected.
Even out across the entire face, including the neck.

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