Couvrance Mosaic Powder


  • Translucent: ACL : 751681-8 ; EAN : 3282779291644
  • Natural glow: ACL : 969922-0 ; EAN : 3282779291422
  • Bronzer: ACL : 751682-4 ; EAN : 3282779291446

Its very natural effect helps to matify, set or shape makeup.
Fragrance-free, preservative-free, paraben-free.

- Three color palettes: Translucent, Natural glow and Sun*, to adapt to all skin colors.
Leaves a silky finish on the skin.
Captures light evenly.
Long-lasting: stands up to water, smudging, and perspiration.
A choice auxiliary product for corrective make-up.

Is it for me?
Each of the mosaic powder color palettes helps to matify, set and shape make-up for sensitive skin.
The Translucent palette with transparent effect matifies the complexion or sets make-up for light skin.
The Radiance palette sets make-up for light skin, shapes the tone of matte skin and gives a radiant glow to mature skin.
The Sun palette with golden effect gives a natural tan effect and shapes make-up.

The right move
Apply your foundation (compact or fluid).
Use a large brush on the powder.
Tap against the back of the hand to remove excess powder.
Apply mosaic powder to the entire face and neck.
Remove excess with long sweeps of the brush..

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