Covrance Concealer Sticks


  • Green: ACL : 438084-4 ; EAN : 3282779292276
  • Yellow: ACL : 438082-1 ; EAN : 3282779292238
  • Coral: ACL : 971700-1 ; EAN : 3282779292245

Corrects and evenly hides severe skin imperfections.
Fragrance-free, preservative-free, paraben-free.
Three shades : Green, Yellow or Coral*, adapted for different types of skin imperfections.
Long-lasting: Stands up to water, smudging, and perspiration.
Anti-UV protection (SPF20 and SPF30 for the coral shade) to protect against the sun’s rays.
Easy application thanks to its practical, intelligent design.

Is it for me?

Unlimited use on sensitive skin with imperfections.
Naturally conceals excess color imperfections thanks to its intense covering power :
The green shade is suited to red imperfections.
The yellow shade is designed for blue imperfections.
The coral shade conceals brown imperfections.

The right move

Apply a base (day cream) and wait for it to be absorbed.
Take some color from the stick with your fingertip.
Apply to the imperfection in a dabbing motion.
Then gently blend the color with your finger.
Apply Compact Foundation Cream over the top, dabbing lightly in order not to remove the concealer.

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