Cholley Phytocell Arganight Cream


Super Premium Cream with Intense Anti-Aging and Firming Effects for Dry and Extremely Dehydrated Skins

CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL ARGANIGHT CREAM is an ideal firming, nourishing and hydrating product specifically formulated for skins that due to aging, dehydration or inadequate care have lost their radiance and strength.

CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL ARGANIGHT CREAM uses the stem cell extract of Argan, an indigenous north African tree, well adapted to extreme conditions. As an exceptional anti-aging product, CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL ARGANIGHT CREAM helps:

  • Maintain the regenerative power of skin’s dermal stem cells.
  • Stimulate the production of type I collagen.
  • Deliver an intense firming and skin conditioning action.
  • Arrest oxidation by free radicals.
  • Hydrate, soften, and smooth the epidermis.

In vitro tests have verified the excellence of CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL ARGANIGHT CREAM and its exceptional ability to increase the synthesis of type I collagen by as much as 200%. For this reason CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL ARGANIGHT CREAM is a perfect product against the effects of aging, whether chronological or induced by UV radiations (photoaging).

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