Cholley Phytocell Harmoizer


Super Premium Serum with Powerful Whitening Action Against Skin Hyper-Pigmentation and Age Spots

Age spots and dark patches of skin are the result of localized over production of melanin. CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL HARMONIZER has been specifically developed to fight the hyper-pigmentation of the skin. It uses absolutely the best, the most effective, and the safest phytobiological ingredients to achieve its exceptional performance.

CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL HARMONIZER is exceptionally rich in skin whitening active ingredients including: Alpha Arbutin, Lepidium Sativum Sprout Extract, and stem cell extract of Vitis Vinifera (grape) and Azelamide MEA. The combined effect of these ingredients is further enhanced by the natural extracts of licorice and cucumber. Hence CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL HARMONIZER drastically lowers the melanin content of the hyper-pigmented skin for fast and satisfying results. It also protects the skin against photoaging and oxidizing UV stress.

CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL HARMONIZER contains the stem cell extract of Vitis Vinifera, a rare variety of Gamay grape that is exceptionally tolerant to UV radiations. This special variety is known for its red flesh and juice due to an extremely high content of anthocyanin. As power antioxidants, anthocyanins are excellent free radical scavengers and act as natural sunscreens.

Vitis Vinifera stem cells generate special epigenetic factors and metabolize that:

  • Protect human skin against the UV stress.
  • Preserve the regenerative potency of epidermal stem cells.
  • Increase the tolerance of skin to UV radiations.
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