Bio Medical

As a pioneer in the OR, Stryker is the only company to offer the iSuite, a full range of operating room technology and medical equipment that provides surgical teams with the tools they need for success in surgery.

From ceiling mounted surgical LED lights, equipment booms and operating room integration systems to instruments for minimally invasive surgery, Stryker products are designed to help OR staff efficiently care for patients.

Equipment Booms and Lights

Designed to reduce clutter and cabling, Stryker's world class equipment booms and surgical lights offer numerous configuration possibilities to meet the needs of any operating room environment.

OR Integration and Media Management Systems

Through our touch panel HD video control system and real-time video conferencing technology, Stryker connects surgeons to medical professionals around the world, redefining medical training and education in the surgical theater.

Endoscopic Equipment

The first to offer a HD surgical camera, Stryker remains on the leading edge of video technology, providing excellent picture quality and intuitive user controls designed to allow for better patient outcomes following surgery.

Navigation Instruments

The Stryker Navigation System provides surgeons valuable information on the accuracy of alignment, cuts, and positions of instrumentation and precise locations of surgical targets.

ICU Equipment Booms

Stryker also offer ergonomic solutions for the management of equipment in the ICU. Easy to move booms are designed to provide the flexibility and efficiency caregivers need when accessing patients in critical care environments.