Novalac Genio 3+ Vanilla

Baby Milk
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Excel with Genio 3 Plus

During the next 3 years your toddler will mature in his/her

  • Physical development
  • Brain development

Optimize your kids’ nutrition:

From the age of 3 your child should be eating the same foods as the rest of the family, BUT he/she still needs more of certain special nutrients:

  • Essential fatty Acids : Omega 3 & 6
  • Important Vitamins : Mainly Vitamin D
  • Vital Minerals: Mainly Iron

Reasons these Nutrients are important:
  • Omega 3&6 are the building blocks of your kid’s brain and are hard for children to obtain in their regular meals.
  • Vitamin D is crucial for normal bone development however it is not easy for children to obtain this vitamin from food or from sun exposure.
  • IRON: is an essential nutrient for Intelligence development. Yet Children are vulnerable to suffer from iron deficiency anemia which might strongly affect their learning abilities.
  • Using Fortified Growth Milk is one of the several simple things you can do to help your little one get all the Vitamins he/she needs. Genio 3 PLUS is growth milk that contains plenty of hard to get nutrients your toddler needs to grow to his/her full potential.